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With cyberattacks of all forms and sizes making headlines, we’re reminded that the work to make the internet a safer, more secure place for all is a continuous effort, underlining the importance of the work of M3AAWG and its members. As both businesses and individuals face the consequences of these attacks daily, we’re dedicated to building the best practices of tomorrow to better prevent these abuses and mitigate their damage. In our 16th year, we’re pleased to invite all of our members to the 52nd M3AAWG General Meeting to be held virtually from June 7-10, 2021.

Leaders and practitioners from across the global online anti-abuse community will come together to assess both familiar and new threats and share knowledge and insights to build prevention best practices. Topics set to be explored at the General Meeting include dynamic email and AMP for email, the role of DANE in messaging and IoT security, Cloud sending infrastructures, and emerging technologies and techniques in detecting malicious content in email and threat hunting.

M3AAWG is also honored to have Alice-Mary Higgins, leader of the Civil Engagement Group in Seanad Éireann (Senate of Ireland), deliver the keynote at the General Meeting. In her Keynote, Senator Higgins will explore how diverse digital activities and online actors are situated in today and tomorrow’s legislative and regulatory environments. Senator Higgins recently sat down with M3AAWG Senior Technical Advisor Simon McGarr in our M3AAWG 5 series to discuss the regulation of content on internet platforms, and the critical role of Ireland and the EU in enacting and enforcing these policies. See below for a preview. 

“Today, and everyday, our community of online anti-abuse professionals work diligently to build a safer online ecosystem for our global communities,” said Amy Cadagin, Executive Director of M3AAWG. “We’re excited to put this work on full display at the M3AAWG 52nd General Meeting, sharing both our accomplishments and learnings to help collaboratively explore and develop best practices for professionals inside and outside of our community to implement in their professional and personal capacities, evangelizing our work and contributing to the global effort to building a safer more secure internet for all.”

Our 52nd General Meeting will take place via live video conference from June 7-10, 2021. To learn more on the meeting, review the agenda, and register to attend, members can visit www.m3aawg.org. To stay in-the-know on all the latest updates from M3AAWG, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and be sure to subscribe to our M3AAWG Blog and M3AAWG in the News notifications.



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