Home M3AAWG Blog M3AAWG 5: The latest on EU and Irish regulations with Senator Alice-Mary Higgins

Author: Simon McGarr, M3AAWG Senior Advisor 

Welcome to M3AAWG 5, our video series where we interview leaders and experts on prominent issues and emerging threats across our industry. 

Today, we’re pleased to be joined by Senator Alice-Mary Higgins. Senator Higgins has over two decades of experience in policy, strategy and advocacy across the areas of equality, international development and social inclusion. She is also recognized as one of the leading Parliamentarians in question of data protection, legislation and regulation in Ireland, all conversations that M3AAWG has kept a close eye on in recent years in Ireland and the EU. 

M3AAWG is also honored to have Senator Higgins deliver the keynote at our upcoming M3AAWG 52nd General Meeting in June. In her Keynote, Senator Higgins will explore how diverse digital activities and online actors are situated in today and tomorrow’s legislative and regulatory environments. 

I sat down with Senator Higgins to discuss changes in the EU regarding the regulation of content on internet platforms and why Ireland is the fulcrum state for implementing those regulations.


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