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Since our founding in 2004, M3AAWG has grown into a diverse anti-abuse community with extensive global and industry expertise:

Building Community through Our Members
  • We have members in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, India and Russia
  • Many industry nonprofits are M3AAWG members that work within our community or present at our meetings, including CAUCE, eco-Association of German ISPs, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), ICSI (International Computer Science Institute – Berkeley), Spamhaus, Shadowserver, SURBL, Team Cymru, REN-ISAC (Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center)

We have partnered on specific projects and in sharing expertise with numerous organizations, including:

  • APWG.org (Anti-Phishing Working Group)
  • CalConnect
  • CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association)
  • DMARC.org
  • DNS-OARC (DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center)
  • FIDO Alliance
  • Global Cyber Alliance
  • i2Coalition  (Internet Infrastructure Coalition)
  • ISOC (The Internet Society)
  • LACNIC (Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Center)
  • LAP/UCENet (London Action Plan - now called the Unsolicited Communications Enforcement Network)
  • NCWIT (National Center for Women & Information Technology)
  • WorldHostingDays (WHD)
  • Formal liaisons with IETF, ICANN, other organizations
  • M3AAWG is a member of the ISOC (The Internet Society), UCENet and DNS-OARC
Training Foundation

Created the M3Anti-Abuse Foundation (www.m3aaf.org) as an independent nonprofit to champion anti-abuse training in developing online countries. In association with the ISOC, we have provided best practices papers for training programs for service providers and regulators in Africa and South America.

Industry Outreach
  • Received the EastWest Institute 2013 Cybersecurity Award for our anti-spam work with China and India
  • Frequently host collocated meetings, sharing content and speakers, with LAP and other organizations
  • M3AAWG members often participate in the U.S. FCC Commission’s CSRIC Working Groups, including the working group that developed the Anti-Bot Code of Conduct for ISPs

M3AAWG members and the Board of Directors also frequently collaborate with other industry stakeholders including the GSMA Security Group, LAP and numerous governmental and regulatory agencies. Though M3AAWG does not lobby on government or public policy matters, our Public Policy Committee does supply factual information to government organizations as they develop relevant policy or legislation.