Home Initiatives

M3AAWG develops special initiatives and supports industry-government cooperative projects that we determine will make a significant difference in fighting online abuse. Our special initiatives include:

M3AAWG-LACNIC Partnership

The Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Center has joined M3AAWG and will be attending our meetings and participating in M3AAWG committees and ongoing projects. LACNIC is the convening forum for the LAC Network Operators Group; LACSEC, the region’s Network Security Forum; and LAC-CSIRT, the regional Computer Secuirty Incident Response Team forum.  As part of the mutual partnership, M3AAWG has also joined LACNIC and will be participating in their meetings to engage with these service providers and online security communities.

India Anti-Abuse Working Group

India has a large user base subject to high levels of spam and malware.  M3AAWG is sharing our members’ experience and industry best practices, hosting local meetings and providing other materials to help stem online abuse in the region.

The Voice and Telephony Abuse SIG

The M3AAWG VTA SIG leverages and expands M3AAWG expertise to mitigate abuse issues related to the convergence of the Internet with voice and telephony technologies. The VTA SIG also hosts global workshops at M3AAWG general meetings with participation from various government, policy and technical organizations that are cooperating in the work against robocalls, caller-ID spoofing, voice phishing and other issues.

The Anti-Bot Code of Conduct for ISPs

The ABCs for ISPs is a cooperative industry-government initiative released by the U.S. FCC CSRIC Working Group #7 in 2012.  Many M3AAWG members actively contributed to the code's development and M3AAWG also provides a list of network operators that have demonstrated their commitment to working against bots and malware by supporting the code.