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Extending the reach of the professional courses presented at our general meetings, M3AAWG is making available videos of selected training sessions, both on our website and with additional sessions on the M3AAWG YouTube channel. 

There are several complete one-to-two hour courses presented on this website in 15-to-40 minute segments. Click on the course title below for details, to download the course slides and to view the videos.

Techniques, Tools and Processes to Help Service Providers Clean Malware from Subscriber Systems

with Barry Greene, service provider security
and operational security reaction team expert

DMARC Training Series

with Michael Adkins, M3AAWG Co-Vice Chairman & DMARC.org member (left)
and Paul Midgen, DMARC.org

M3AAWG Canadian Anti-spam Legislation (CASL) Training Videos (June 2011)

with André Leduc, Industry Canada Policy Advisor (on left)
and Shaun Brown, Counsel, nNovation LLP


M3AAWG IPv6 Training for Senders & Others

with Joe St Sauver, M3AAWG Sr. Technical Advisor


DKIM Implementation

with Dave Crocker, M3AAWG Senior Technical Advisor Principal, Brandenburg InternetWorking 




and Murray Kucherawy, primary author of both Sendmail libdkim and OpenDKIM