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Joe St SauverJoe St Sauver,
M3AAWG Senior Technical Advisor



M3AAWG IPv6 Training for Senders & Others

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As we get extremely close to exhausting the remaining pool of IPv4 addresses, new, longer IPv6 addresses will become critically important.  Are you up to speed when it comes to this important new technology?  M3AAWG Senior Technical Advisor Joe St Sauver provides a thorough overview on what you need to know about IPv6, presented here in three segments. This course was originally presented in October 2010 and is suitable for both marketers and technical professionals.  The training was targeted particularly at senders, but has content that may also be helpful for ISPs and hardware or software vendors.

You can download a PDF file with the slides for all three segments or you can select a PDF file with the slides for each corresponding segment using the links in the sidebar.


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