Home Outreach

M3AAWG develops special initiatives and supports industry-government cooperative projects that we determine will make a significant difference in fighting online abuse. Our special initiatives include:

African Anti-Abuse Working Group (AF-AAWG)

Founded in 2020, AF-AAWG will serve as a convening forum for operators in the African Internet service region that want to develop anti-abuse recommendations and best common practices (BCP) in cooperation with global anti-abuse communities and network operator communities. Anti-abuse BCP development will work closely with existing BCOP (Best Current Operational Practices) development processes in the African Internet ecosystem. AF-AAWG will foster dialog among experts in the AF region on abuse, with the objective of documenting these threats and developing anti-abuse best practices to mitigate the immediate threats, and, ideally, remediate the sources of those threats. In effect, AFAAWG will serve as the organizational umbrella for developing a community of actors that can effectively exchange abuse information.

Latin American and Caribbean Anti-Abuse Working Group (LAC-AAWG)

The Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Center has joined M3AAWG and will be attending our meetings and participating in M3AAWG committees and ongoing projects. LACNIC is the convening forum for the LAC Network Operators Group; LACSEC, the region’s Network Security Forum; and LAC-CSIRT, the regional Computer Secuirty Incident Response Team forum.  As part of the mutual partnership, M3AAWG has also joined LACNIC and will be participating in their meetings to engage with these service providers and online security communities.

Japan Anti-Abuse Working Group (JP-AAWG)

To help strengthen Asian efforts to protect the internet and online users an independent regional offshoot of the global Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group has been founded to focus on cybersecurity issues related to Japan’s unique challenges- JPAAWG.