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The documents and materials in this section will help the industry fight online abuse, implement proven best practices to protect the ecosystem and end-users, and encourage the development of a safer online environment for all.  These documents have been developed and published by M3AAWG, sometimes jointly with other industry organizations, and we encourage sharing them with other professionals, public policy advisors and those interested in safeguarding the Internet. 

You can also use the site's advanced search feature to find a specific type of document by topic. If you have questions on any of this work, please email us through the site Contact Us form.

Best Practices

Access to all of the best practices and other technical documents published by M3AAWG since January 2005.  Documents are presented in date order, with the most recently published best practices itemized at the top of the list.

Public Policy Comments

Access to all the public policy responses and comments M3AAWG has submitted since January 2010.  Our public policy advocacy (which is not lobbying) provides technical and operational guidance to governments, Internet and public policy agencies developing new Internet policies and legislation.

M3AAWG Reports

Find all of the specific metrics reports M3AAWG publishes here.  Our abusive email metrics are provided from the first report issued in January 2007.  We also have initiated a new Bot Metrics Report detailing the number of network subscribers who have been identified with a system infected by malware.  It is the only report of its kind with data provided directly by service operators and ISPs.

Supporting Materials

A selection of brochures, research reports from other organizations, surveys and other materials important to anti-abuse professionals and related to M3AAWG work.


M3AAWG awards programs recognize those working behind the scenes to protect end-users and also raise the bar for alturistic work to safeguard the Internet going forward.  Find information on the criteria for our awards here, submission forms and deadlines, and informative acceptance presentations and videos from previous recepients.

Multiple Languages

A search portal for selected M3AAWG documents that have been translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.