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Michael Adkins,
M3AAWG Co-Vice Chairman and DMARC.org member



Paul Midgen,



DMARC Training Series

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DMARC, Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, was developed to help brands, ISPs and mailbox providers work together in identifying fraudulent   messages and protect end-users from spoofed emails.  AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and other email receivers are using the process, according to DMARC.org.

M3AAWG is pleased to share with the industry the content of a training course outlining an overview of the specification and detailed instructions on how to implement it that was originally presented at our October 2012 meeting in Baltimore. DMARC.org and M3AAWG members Michael Adkins and Paul Midgen walk viewers through a synopsis of the specification, how to deploy the technology, and details on its reporting processes.  

We have edited the original two and half hour presentation into six segments for Web viewing. This includes a breakout segment specifically for domain owners and third-party senders, and another breakout for ISPs and mailbox providers. You can download the entire set of DMARC Training Course slides for all six segments or use the links below to select the PDF file with the slides for each corresponding segment.


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