Home M3AAWG-LACNIC Partnership

As part of a mutual partnership to fight online threats, LACNIC, the Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Center, has joined M3AAWG and will be participating in our meetings and committee work. LACNIC is also the convening forum for the LAC Network Operators Group; LACSEC, the region’s Network Security Forum; and LAC-CSIRT, a regional security incident response forum. 

In a reciprocal effort, M3AAWG has joined LACNIC and will be engaging with its regional service provider and security communities as the two organizations collaborate on global cybersecurity issues. M3AAWG will also be attending LACNIC meetings to identify collaborative projects and to adapt existing M3AAWG best practices to accommodate region-specific needs. 

In May 2017, the LAC-AAWG (Latin America and Caribbean Anti-Abuse Working Group) was chartered to serve as a regional voice in the global anti-abuse community.  The group often holds face-to-face sessions at LACNIC meeting.

If you are a LACNIC member and would like to attend an upcoming M3AAWG meeting, please send us a short note through our Contact Us form.