Home M3AAWG Blog M3AAWG 5: The State of DDoS Attacks and Prevention with Rich Compton, M3AAWG DDoS Special Interest Group Chair

Author: Severin Walker, M3AAWG Co-Chair 

Welcome to the latest episode of M3AAWG 5, our video series where we interview members and experts on emerging threats and prominent issues across our industry. 

I recently sat down with Rich Compton, M3AAWG DDoS Special Interest Group Chair and Principal Engineer at Charter Communications, to learn more about the evolving state of DDoS attacks especially amidst the pandemic-driven distributed workforce, what the DDoS Special Interest Group is focused on this year, the most prominent events and issues involved in anti-DDoS work, and more. 

Interested in learning more about or getting involved in M3AAWG’s anti-DDoS efforts? Be sure to check out M3AAWG’s best practices, including our Flow Specification (Flowspec) standards, to learn more about reducing or even preventing outages. We also have an active DDoS-focused email list as well as Slack channels dedicated to sharing pressing information regarding DDoS attacks and prevention. Those interested in joining these communities should reach out to the DDoS Special Interest Group at ddos-sig-chair@mailman.m3aawg.org to gain access.  

Stay tuned for our next episode. 
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