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In the eighth episode of M3AAWG 5, we continued the discussion on mitigating online abuse and what we have learned along the way!  Mariska Calabrese, Boris Mutina and Tonya Gordon discussed what they have learned regarding the use of automation detection vs people resources to combat online abuse.  The general consensus of M3AAWG’s Abuse Desk Committee members looks to be a delicate balance of both. While automations are fast and find known online abuse, it is just as important to have eyes on finding new patterns of online abuse in order to modify automated rules of tools and keep up the automation detection effectiveness.

As always we welcome your findings and insight into this subject.  Join us in the Abuse Desk Committee where we focus on combating online abuse and sharing our experience with one another.  We have monthly calls and much more to get involved in.  You can find out more at https://www.m3aawg.org/members/committees/abuse-desk-committee


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