Home M3AAWG Blog Here We Come Brooklyn! M3AAWG Members Will Meet October 10-14 to Combat Malware, Spam, Phishing, Ransomware and More

M3AAWG members worldwide will gather October 10-14 in Brooklyn, New York for the group’s last face-to-face meeting (https://bit.ly/3kAryfM) of 2022.  Ongoing and evolving threats to messaging and the Internet continue to dominate consumer and industry news, and the agenda for 56th General Meeting will focus on many of these.

Sessions include solo speakers, panels, training, roundtables and lightning rounds, in addition to the opening session with keynote. During this meeting, M3AAWG also will host partners from around the globe to collaborate on cybersecurity issues. 

General Internet security and tools to protect it are key parts of the meeting. Topics will include IPv6 deployment status and factors in its rollout, identifying fake network traffic, stopping illegal and unwanted calls, mitigating abuse via SMS and detecting phishing.

M3AAWG continues to lead cross-industry efforts to secure data in transit. During the 56th General Meeting, a general session will be held to discuss recent M3AAWG member Transport Layer Security (TLS) deprecation survey results, reiterate the importance of disabling older technology versions, and have an open discussion surrounding associated challenges. 

Additional sessions will examine various aspects of the Internet domain system and securing the internet, preventing phishing via SMS and fake email issues.

Speakers also will talk about protection of brands, malware delivered via email, password-less authentication and identifying and preventing mail abusers.

General meetings, held three times a year, also include lots of networking opportunities as well as short lightning sessions that allow attendees to bring up new issues and potential work areas for the organization for the future.

Leadership also will address recently announced focus areas for M3AAWG with partners and how the organizations will work together to contribute to fighting online abuse. Members also will meet to move forward work on organization initiatives and meet with their committees and special interest groups.

Registration for members opens the week of September 12 at https://bit.ly/3kAryfM. Non-members interested in M3AAWG membership and work can find more info here at https://www.m3aawg.org/about-m3aawg.

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