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Since the public launch of the DMARC specification in January 2012 (http://www.dmarc.org), DMARC has become a highly requested topic for discussion and training at M3AAWG meetings. With the benefit of several Open Round Table and main session tracks at our meetings in San Francisco and Berlin, along with numerous presentations at other industry forums, DMARC experts Michael Adkins and Paul Midgen brought their accumulated experience to the 26th M3AAWG conference in Baltimore in October 2012. 

Their training seminar is a now available as a video series on the M3AAWG website and covers:

  • What is DMARC?
  • Is DMARC right for my domain/users/usage?
  • How do I implement DMARC?

There are sections of the seminar that address the needs of receivers, and others that focus on what senders need to know. The session also covers the reporting aspect of DMARC, which is a key element to allow implementers to gain the insights necessary to safely consider any receiver-actionable levels in the DMARC spectrum.

The two-and-a-half hour training session has been broken up into more manageable lengths for web viewing.  You can find the videos at: http://www.maawg.org/activities/training/dmarc-training-series.

M3AAWG Training Committee Co-Chair Kurt Andersen (LinkedIn)



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