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By Janet Jones, Co-Chair, M3AAWG Board of Directors

As businesses sent workers fully remote last year and operations across the globe relied solely on online connections, bad actors rapidly evolved their cyberattacks to prey on this virtual dependence. To effectively address increasingly sophisticated threats and protect end-users, the anti-abuse industry must constantly stay on the pulse of these emerging tactics. 

Once experts identify new vectors, it’s crucial to understand and quickly share this knowledge across the industry before its usage becomes widespread. Tom Burt, Corporate Vice President, Customer Security and Trust at Microsoft, explored how these threats evolved over the past year, potential shifts in the future, as well as mitigation processes during his keynote, Cybersecurity and the New Normal, at M3AAWG’s 51st General Meeting. 

Tom has spent over 25 years at Microsoft where he spearheaded the development of Microsoft’s Defending Democracy program, which seeks to protect political campaigns from hacking across the globe and preserve electoral processes, and actively collaborates with both public and private organizations to support various deterrence strategies. Tom also leads Microsoft’s Customer, Security, and Trust organization (CST), which guides the company’s for Digital Safety work, including the Digital Crimes Unit that aims to disrupt cyberattacks and the Law Enforcement & National Security Team that supports work with the U.S. Government. 

Please enjoy Tom’s full presentation here


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