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With more users linking calendars to a variety of applications and other services, spam is becoming more of an issue. 

At this month’s M3AAWG’s 53rd general meeting October 2021, members discussed this issue.

The group described some real-life cases of how one person (e.g. a personal assistant) sending calendar invitations on behalf of the organizer have run into DMARC-related problems. The group showed that if applications conform to the relevant standards there should be no conflict with DMARC. A discussion followed on how these issues may relate to and mitigate spoofing attacks and what - if any - updates need to be made to standards.

The session is being conducted jointly with CalConnectSM. CalConnect is a non-profit partnership between vendors and users of collaboration systems and tools, in particular calendaring and scheduling.

Our purpose is to improve all aspects of collaboration services, in particular calendaring and scheduling. We do this by improving existing standards, developing new standards, offering interoperability testing, collaborating with other organizations with similar goals, and conducting periodic conferences where engineers and customers meet and interact in a collegial atmosphere.  We liaise with other major international standards organizations such as ISO and OASIS. 

Those with interest can participate in ongoing efforts via M3AAWG, CalConnect or both. Watch for updates in following months from both organizations. 


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