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The Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) Board of Directors announced the formation of the Artificial Intelligence Committee on December 20th, 2023.  M3AAWG intends to position the organization at the intersection of AI and anti-abuse to serve the anti-abuse industry.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee will focus on anti-abuse topics related to AI to include:

  • Handling abuse facilitated by AI systems
  • Security and abuse of AI systems
  • Using AI to counter abuse.

The committee’s co-chairs, Kyle Haefner and Sharon Kent, expect extensive collaboration across M3AAWG ’s committees and initiatives. “The AI Committee will be engaged in developing internal, domain-specific training within these focus areas as well as closely following academic research, guidance and regulations,” said Haefner.

Kent explained that the intent is to “track and engage the regulatory bodies regarding the use/abuse of AI techniques, especially as it applies to abuse and cybersecurity.”

Education is Key

The AI Committee will also maintain a sustained education effort, dedicated to informing the M3AAWG community on relevant aspects of AI and Machine Learning.

The goal is to increase members’ understanding of and ability to apply AI techniques to the field of abuse and cybersecurity. The committee will also work to inform members about privacy and security implications of AI techniques.

To meet these objectives, the committee will offer training sessions tailored to members’ interests, facilitate community discussions, and elicit external expert presentations on AI techniques applied to abuse and cybersecurity problems and data.

The effort will be significant as we implement short-term actions and roll-out long-term initiatives.

Short-Term Goals

What members can expect the AI Committee to deliver in the short-term:

The M3AAWG AI Committee is on a mission to combat internet abuse with clear short-term goals. From providing educational resources on AI techniques to providing expert speaker sessions to fostering collaborative discussions and promoting best practices, the committee is dedicated to empowering members. With a focus on ethical AI practices, the committee encourages the adoption of fair approaches within the M3AAWG community. In essence, the committee's goals highlight a holistic approach to innovation, education, and collaboration in the ongoing battle against internet abuse and AI technology.

Long-Term Goals

In the long-term, these efforts will mature and transform into Best Common Practices focused on the application and ethics of AI practices in the M3AAWG community. The AI Committee also expects to establish a library of reusable training materials for M3AAWG, partner organizations, and its Anti-Abuse Working Groups (AAWGs) in Latin America (LAC-AAWG) Africa (AF-AAWG) and Japan (JP-AAWG.)

Work So Far – It Started as an Initiative

The AI Committee made a natural transition from an Initiative, Artificial Intelligence: Uses, Abuses and Privacy.

Earlier this year, they published a blog on Examining the Risks, Security and Regulations of Generative AI. They also conducted a training session, 101 Basics of AI and Machine Learning, at the 59th General Meeting in Brooklyn, NY, offering members the opportunity to increase their operational knowledge around the security challenges associated with AI and Machine Learning (ML) that generated a lot of interest. 

Campaign Genius CEO will Return to Host AI Panel in January 2024

The 59th General Meeting was also where we first met Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of Campaign Genius. Dunn delivered the keynote address AI in Email at the Opening Session. He will be joining Haefner and Kent for a live members-only panel discussion in January 2024. During that engagement, more details about the committee and opportunities to get involved will be shared. The strategic direction M3AAWG intends to pursue where AI is concerned will also be explored.

The AI Committee aims to establish M3AAWG as one of the authoritative sources of best practices in the application of AI to abuse and cybersecurity data. Towards that endeavor, it will form new relationships with companies and organizations focused on AI safety and recruit large AI players to join M3AAWG.

You can learn more about this committee and join the mailing list members may visit the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee page.


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