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Posted by the M3AAWG Content Manager

The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) will host its 61st general meeting, June 3 – 6, 2024, in Vienna, Austria.

Sara Roper will address M3AAWG for the first time in her new role as Board of Directors Chairperson. Members of the Board of Directors, M3AAWG leadership, and staff will join her in rolling out more than 53 sessions focused on the organization’s top priorities in the fight against online abuse.

Meeting sessions will cover the balance of M3AAWG priorities, with a key focus on Communications and Readiness.  M3AAWG’s current session list reflects our dedication to providing relevant content for real-world issues. Creating a shared understanding among our members is critical to our success in fighting online abuse. Here is a look at some of the sessions M3AAWG’s presenters are preparing for attendees:

  • Application-Layer Loop DoS Attacks
  • Unified Defense Against Smishing: Fusing intelligence and collaboration
  • DMARC 2.0 – What’s the Status and How Will it Affect You?
  • AI: Cornerstone or Quicksand? The Dichotomy of LLMs in Our Field
  • Peer (ing) Pressure: Achieving Social Action at Scale in the Internet Infrastructure
  • Email Text Anonymization with Large Language Models

M3AAWG continues our commitment to offering training that develops knowledge and skills necessary for combatting online abuse. Training sessions include:

  • Email Fundamentals Training
  • Writing Better Python 
  • Mastering Large Language Models: Fine-Tuning, Optimization, and Deployment in Real-World Scenarios with ‘Low Resource’ Data 
  • Create Natural Language AI Interfaces for Your Company Documentation 

Don’t miss the chance to see how personal and professional goals merge with M3AAWG in a global working group at the How Did We Get Here? panel session. M3AAWG members will share their stories of how they arrived in the anti-abuse industry. This is just one of the great networking opportunities attendees will experience throughout the week. 

Open Round Tables, Lightning Talks and Much More

The 61st general meeting also includes M3AAWG favorites: Open Round Tables (ORTs),  Lightning Talks and of course, M3AAWG Night Out! Several working group and committee sessions will also be held. Get all the information you need to plan your meeting itinerary at https://www.m3aawg.org/upcoming-meetings

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