Home M3AAWG Blog M3AAWG 5: Intent, Content, Consent with Shannon Donohue of EZ Texting

Author: Amy Cadagin, M3AAWG Executive Director

Welcome to the first episode of M3AAWG 5, a new video series where we connect with M3AAWG members and experts on core issues and topics in the anti-abuse industry. 

Every day, M3AAWG members work to fight against bots, malware, spam, and other forms of online exploitation, and the collaborative development of strategies to detect suspicious activity and bad actors as early as possible is a crucial part of our mission. 

I sat down with Shannon Donohue, Vice President, Global Connectivity at EZ Texting and M3AAWG Training Committee Co-Chair to learn more about a messaging vetting methodology developed by her team called “Intent, Content, Consent” and discuss how advances in machine learning can help the vetting process become faster, easier and more effective at identifying and blocking malicious messages. 

Click here to access M3AAWG’s current best practices for sending and vetting commercial electronic messaging.


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