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It takes time and energy to stay current on emerging threats, but the effort often pays off with more secure networks and better protection for end-users. We have assembled a few related training materials and videos available to the industry. 

M3AAWG makes available training videos on a variety of subjects on our public website. In addition, members have access to many of the confidential presentations from the mutli-track M3AAWG meetings held each year.

1.   Beginning to Remediate Botted Hosts Abroad: India (Feb. 2011)
The BRIC countries are increasingly well connected to the world via high capacity undersea cables, and have an increasingly affluent population that is investing in networked devices. Unfortunately, many of those new workstations are infected with malware, and thus systems in the BRIC countries are now some of the world’s top-apparent sources of spam.

2.   Malware Analysis for Neophytes: A MAAWG Training Seminar (Oct. 2011) http://pages.uoregon.edu/joe/malware-analysis-paris/malware-analysis-paris.pdf
This training course looks at the pros and cons of malware analysis and explains how to undertake working with bots as safely as possible.

3.   MAAWG IPv6 Training for Senders and Others (Oct. 2010)
As we get extremely close to exhausting the remaining pool of IPv4 addresses, new, longer IPv6 addresses will become critically important.  Are you up to speed when it comes to this important new technology? This three-part video tells you what you need to know.

4.   Spam, Domain Names and Registrars (Feb. 2008)
Spammers require access to a variety of resources. Cut off access to at least one of those required resource and it suddenly becomes much harder to spam.  

5.   What MAAWG Members Should Know About DNSSEC and the Security of DNS (June 2007)
From a basic DNS sanity check to details on how malware interferes with DNS, this presentation educates on a vital issue. It outlines common DNS malware attacks and explains DNSSEC.

6.   Route Injection and Spam (Oct. 2006)
"Where Did THAT Traffic Come From?"  This presentation details route injection and address space hijacking, focusing on how to analyze and detect problem traffic.