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M3AAWG consists of some of the largest Internet and Email Service Providers, Mobile Providers, and security vendors, from around the world.  With the hundreds of people that attend M3AAWG, it can be somewhat overwhelming for someone who has never attended a meeting before. The following information and links should be helpful.

M3AAWG Video Series

Welcome to M3AAWG!  We are happy to have you in our working group.  Please see our series of short videos we hope will help you start to discover how you can engage and collaborate within M3AAWG.  Please visit https://www.m3aawg.org/members/welcome-to-m3aawg as soon as you can to get started!

Upcoming Meetings Page

Hotel Information:

  • Hotel location, reservation link, reservation phone numbers, information on surrounding area, negotiated room rate cut-off date and cancellation policy.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Access the meeting agenda, see below for SCHED access information.

Meeting Policy:

  • What occurs in a M3AAWG meeting cannot be shared outside the membership.

Conduct Policy:

  • We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. 

M3AAWG Night Out:

  •  Is a social event held on Wednesday evening of the meeting week for a few hours at a popular local venue to enjoy food, networking, beverages and fun.


  • All meeting attendees must pre-register before arriving on-site. Registration opens approximately 4 weekes before the meeting.

Health and Safety

  • Local emergency numbers, hospitals, pharmacies and various international public information as needed. This page is updated meeting by meeting based on location.


To access meeting agenda: Sched.com login at https://m3aawg61.sched.com/. You should have received a password from SCHED when you registered to attend this meeting.

 There are apps for your mobile devices as well.

 Android in Play Store: search for sched.com
 iOS in Apple App Store: search  for sched

Important things to know at the Meeting

To report an issue relating the M3AAWG Conduct Policy, call or text the Executive Director or designated Board Officer anytime day or night, you can find the contact information on the back of the meeting name tag insert.

M3AAWG Registration Desk:
Location: The Yard, Mezzanine M1
Hours: see SCHED

Be sure to pick up your badge and agenda before attending any sessions. Please keep your badge visible at all times during the meeting. The registration desk is also where to go if you have ANY questions!

Recommended Sessions

Welcome to M3AAWG and Guide/Chair Introduction for New Attendees - Monday

Following the Trainign Sessions, we invite you to attend the Welcome to M3AAWG and Guide Introduction for New Attendees .  Here you will get a chance to meet M3AAWG leadership, your Guide and Committee Chairs/Expert Advisors, and other new attendees in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Chairperson's Opening - Tuesday

All attendees are encouraged to attend this welcome by the M3AAWG Chairperson.  Here you will find out about any agenda and logistics changes and meeting announcements. 

The Open Round Tables (ORT) - Wednesday

The Open Round Table (ORT) are where “Working Group” in the M3AAWG name is the most obvious. The ORT allows all M3AAWG attendees to pick a topic that interests them, discuss it and then participate in developing ideas into a panel, a future session, or a best common practices document (BCP).  These facilitated breakout groups create an open and collaborative forum to incubate ideas and solutions relevant to the organization.

Chairperson's Closing - Thursday

All attendees are encouraged to attend this closing by the M3AAWG Chairperson.  You will hear committee reports- what work the committees accomplished during the week and any work upcoming work that is planned.

Designated Meal Tables

New Attendee Lunch Tables

We invite all new attendees to a new attendees lunch 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday & Wednesday. Stop in and have lunch with a few committee chairs & board members at one of the tables labeled with a New Attendees sign. This is a great networking opportunity and a safe place to ask questions.

Programs of Interest

M3AAWG Guides

M3AAWG Guides is a “peer-to-peer” program that welcomes new attendees to the M3AAWG meeting, the organization and the community. It does this by pairing you with an experienced meeting attendee who can help you get up to speed quickly by answering your questions and offering guidance. . They can answer questions and introduce you to other attendees working on projects you may be interested in.  If you did not sign up for a guide during the registration process, please see the Guide Program Chairs at the designated breakfast table.

M3AAWG Meet-Up Station Banner

Located in TBD.This is an ideal meeting spot for New Attendees to meet their Guide or others during the meeting. This will be available Monday through Thursday. 

Other Items of Interest

Glossary - Abbreviations, Jargon and Selected Terms Commonly Used in M3AAWG

M3AAWG Leadership 

M3AAWG Expert Advisors