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What occurs in a M3AAWG meeting cannot be shared outside the membership:

  • Meeting attendees can blog, tweet and post on either your personal or business social media account about the selected, pre-approved sessions where we show a slide indicating that social media posting is allowed. Please reference our X account @m3aawg or the meeting hashtag, where we are also tweeting. 
  • In all cases, respect M3AAWG anonymity: No publishing people or company names, except as cited on the official M3AAWG social media channels:  https://www.m3aawg.org/social-media
  • No use of Wireshark, exploration devices or similar products on the M3AAWG network
  • No video streaming on the M3AAWG network
  • No photography - No video - No audio recording
  • Any exception requires written permission from the Executive Director and may require permission from the session members
  • All meeting attendees must wear and have their M3AAWG badge visible at all times during the meeting
  • Please silence all electronic devices; be courteous to those listening to the presentations
  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BELONGINGS UNATTENDED. Be aware and cautious at all times

Treat all attendees respectfully in and out of sessions. No less will be tolerated. Please review our meeting Conduct Policy.

For questions, please contact Amy Cadagin at: amy@m3aawg.org

Reminders for Our Worldwide Friends

All meeting content is confidential:  No photos, no video, no recording. Reach out to room monitor staff with questions.

 L’ensemble du contenu de la réunion est confidentiel : les photos, vidéos et enregistrements sont interdits. Pour toute question, demandez conseil au personnel.

Todo el contenido de la reunión es confidencial: No está permitido sacar fotografías ni grabar vídeo o audio. Consulte con el personal si tiene alguna pregunta.

Der gesamte Inhalt des Meetings ist vertraulich:  Keine Fotos, kein Video, keine Tonaufzeichnung. Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich an die Mitarbeiter.

会議の内容はすべて機密扱いです。 写真やビデオの撮影、録音は禁止されています。質問がある方は、スタッフまでご連絡ください。


회의에서 다루는 모든 내용은 기밀입니다. 사진 및 동영상 촬영과 녹음은 금지됩니다. 질문이 있으시면 직원에게 문의해 주십시오.

Все содержимое собрания является конфиденциальным: нет фотографий, нет видео, нет записи.Смотрите сотрудников с вопросами.