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This members-only page shows the current M3AAWG best practices and related documents that have been translated.  It can be sorted by any field shown and committees can easily determine which of their documents have been translated into specific languages. 

The public can access our translated documents on the Multiple Languages page of our website (see Multiple Languages under the For the Industry menu tab).  The public listing also includes any translated news releases or other general documents that may not be included here.

A public list of documents in a specific language can also be accessed using the general m3aawg.org URL by adding “/(specific language).”  For example, www.m3aawg.org/japanese or www.m3aawg.org/arabic will generate a list with links to all translated Japanese or Arabic documents.  This language-specific URL can be used to find translated documents in any language we have published on the public website.

To request a new translation of a best practices document, please submit our document translation request form.  You will be required to include the name and current version of the document to be translated, the committee that developed the document, the requested language, and a short description of why this will help improve our anti-abuse efforts.


Document Language Committeesort descending Date Translation Published
In Japanese-Anti-Phishing Best Practices for ISPs and Mailbox Providers Version 2.01 Japanese April 15, 2018
In French - M3AAWG Ransomware Active Attack Response Best Common Practices French August 28, 2023
In Japanese-M3AAWG Protecting Parked Domains Best Common Practices Japanese July 12, 2022
In Japanese-Help–I’m on a Blocklist, Version 1.0.1 Japanese February 21, 2019
In Japanese-TLS for Mail: M3AAWG Initial Recommendations Japanese November 06, 2018
In Japanese-M3AAWG Password Managers Usage Recommendations Japanese October 31, 2017
In Japanese-M3AAWG Multifactor Authentication Recommendations Japanese April 13, 2018
In Spanish-TLS for Mail: M3AAWG Initial Recommendations Spanish March 30, 2018
In Korean-M3AAWG Initial Recommendations for Addressing a Potential Man-in-the-Middle Threa Korean November 06, 2018
In French-TLS for Mail: M3AAWG Initial Recommendations French April 16, 2018