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I hope that I have helped M3AAAWG achieve success by bringing my life and career experience to it because conversely the M3AAWG meetings, and especially its members, have contributed so much positive influence to me personally over the years. M3AAWG's contributors keep me aware of so much of the industry's evolution, provide me with new ways of problem solving, and has exposed me to a variety of multi-cultural communications and security experiences that I would not have available to me otherwise.

M3AAWG means Family/Friends.  We are all so close even though we only get to see each other 3 times a year at most.

 M3AAWG is a chance for the industry to come together and address messaging abuse at scale

M3AAWG is exemplary of collaboration - it's been a consistent environment to allow the worlds' talent in messaging to come together, learn, and build solutions. 
Doing this for 50 M3AAWGs is a laudable feat!

 A forum where members with a common cause can collaborate together to make the email ecosystem a better place.

M3 means friends and colleagues coming together from all sides of the ecosystem to reminisce on how we got here and work hard on how to get where we are going next.  

Raising the bar for safe and secure messaging on the internet

M3AAWG is the safe space for questions to be asked, problems to be solved and for unique global collaboration across the industry.

M3AAWG is a place where I can focus and collaborate, outside of work obligations, on issues that impact the entire internet community, hear new ideas, and re-energize my commitment to making the internet a safer place.

I believe in what M3AAWG does and the impact it has in contributing to the wellbeing of our global societies.  I like to think that by actively participating M3AAWG, my small contribution helps in its successes.  

M3AAWG means getting together with colleagues to compare notes of what is working and not working in the realm of fighting abuse.

M3AAWG is at the top of my professional industry group for many reasons: the great work that emanates from it, and the continuous collaborative work to protect the internet ecosystem from abuse.

There will always be new threats against an open Internet that preserves the possibility of anonymity.  Only the laborious work of fighting each new type of attack can head off a much more dangerous push for a top down structure for global communication.  M3AAWG plays a vital role in keeping email and other messaging applications useful and usable without compromising the ideals of free communication that are the foundation for the Internet as we know it.

M3AAWG is about getting the messaging industry's best minds together to collaborate on the best anti-abuse methodologies. We learn from each other and the community as a whole is better because we exist. No egos.

Collaboration, sharing, and teamwork. M3AAWG allows us to all come together who have a vested interested keeping the Internet clean and useable for all. The Internet was created to help people connect and if we don't do our work, it will be lost to those who don't care about its longevity. We come together to share in how we can protect the Internet and what works and doesn't.

A great family doing great work and I will also be grateful for the experiences.

A fantastic community that works hard together to reach a common goal: making the Internet safer

People, friends, colleagues...being part of something larger than me...knowing that I've made the world a little bit less shitty.

M3AAWG's more than an industry organization.  It's a family united by a shared purpose.

To me, M3 is all about the people connected by one common belief: as a community, we can do better. We work together, we play together. We’re allies between rival relationships. In the end, we’re connected more strongly than some of our friends and family, because if we’re not walking in lock step, it creates chaos and an opportunity for evil  to exploit and threaten our environments. 

M3AAWG is the only place I know where so many of us can get together and share our stories, thoughts, ideas, experience, and expertise with the goal of identifying abuse and collaborating on ways to prevent it.  And it’s amazing that we enjoy it and have fun in the process.

M3AAWG means never having to say you're spammy.

Being part of M3AAWG means being part of a family of similarly-minded folks, all dedicated to making the Internet a better place. This is the way it routinely used to be in the early days of the Internet: people were passionate and cared, and did the right thing while working together to help each other. Internet pioneers accomplished a lot ... and had a lot of fun doing so. That, in a nutshell, is still M3AAWG today. I'm proud to be part of it!

M3AAWG is "the" opportunity to connect with others, to share ideas and make them happen for better sending standards.  

Knowledge, experience, community

Connecting with trendsetters and innovators in the communications industry.

Family, community, a sense of belonging. With so many smart and capable individuals coming together to make the messaging world a safer and better place through understanding and collaboration, each M3AAWG meeting leaves me with the feeling that I'm contributing something to the greater good... while simultaneously realizing how much more I have to learn. :)

M3AAWG means so much to me that it's a little bit embarrassing. I have only been lucky enough to attend two meetings myself, but they were legendary when I worked at MailChimp and when I joined Campaign Monitor I was so excited to finally get to see what the fuss was about. My first year, I was completely overwhelmed but I managed to win an iPad in a raffle, and make some amazing friends. My second year, I felt like the Queen of Email because I saw so many familiar faces and actually contributed instead of just lurking in the back of any given ballroom. When lockdown first happened, missing M3AAWG was one of my first and only concerns, and I'm a bit depressed that we have no idea when we'll all be together again. M3AAWG is the closest thing to summer camp I think nerds like us ever get as adults and I look forward to getting to do it again some day!

M3AAWG is a place where meaningful work is completed to aid those who defend the internet from spam and abuse. 

Practitioners who fight the good fight to make sure messaging is available, secure, and timely.

Smart, kind people, working together to keep the world safe.

An place to connect, learn, engage and challenge one another.

A place to network with like minded people who really understand the messaging landscape and the challenges it brings.   Building long lasting relationships to enable us to better the internet but also help keep good messaging flowing. 

Worldwide collaboration and Exchange of expertise and experience. Networking and open my mind for other markets and members challenges.

M3AAWG is a support group.  Individuals gladly sharing their knowledge regarding all things domain security.

M3aawg is about improving everyone's life.  It's not only about connections and how you can solve a problem, but it's more than that.   You are in the same room with people that can understand your daily marathon and the agony and the happy moments and   and you can share your thoughts and you can be heard.  

M3AAWG is a chance to expand my knowledge on industry standards and practises in a friendly environment were not everybody is an expert already. I get to refresh my knowledge and take back actions to my business to improve our systems. M3AAWG has a great range of topics that don't always seem to be related to anti-abuse but the presentations introduce you to additional topics for you to think about in relation to securing mail.

M3AAWG is a wonderful community where nerds come together to save the world from abuse!

Networking with industry and competitive colleagues for the betterment of the Internet and into standards. 

A M3AAWG event affords me the opportunity to learn about new Industry standards and sync, and network;  and of course, have a bit of Fun too.

Stay informed on the new developments.

Share with others and Spam fight

I can meet and collaborate with peers and b2b contacts without the shroud of sales pitches and discuss the meat of issues that matter

M3AAWG will always be where smart operators go to make sure work is done well.

Place to meet peers, make contacts, exchange and validate idea's.

M3AAWG is the heart that guides the work I do every day. As one individual working to fight abuse, I can only do so much. But when we're all able to come together and collaborate through M3AAWG, we can take bigger action that truly makes the Internet a safer place. I'm so honored to be able to participate in M3AAWG's important work.

A unique Industry gathering, for sharing ideas and technology.  Great people and family connection !  fun, work, travel combined 

Collaboration, Community and Trust.  In the early days it would have been "networking", but it's much more than that. M3AAWG enables members to act, to do something that's missing in the world, with the support of other members. There's no competition here, and we all have the same goal of improving the Internet, for the greater good.

M3AAWG unvelied the "dark side of the email business": you don't need only a good product or a good customer service, but also a very good abuse desk!  Joking aside, the m3aawg quickly went from being the most dreaded thing in my (business) life to being like a family. Thank you for all the effort everyone is putting in!  

It is not an exaggeration to say that without M3AAWG, I would not have the career I do now. I have learned a lot, and made essential industry connections (and friendships!) through M3AAWG. I am deeply grateful.

Connecting with peers, learning from the best, being reminded I am not alone in this.

Unparalleled networking and information sharing between of of the most unique niches in the digital world. People at M3AAWG want to learn and make a difference in their personal role, company and interest as a whole.

M3AAWG has created a tribe of people who are committed to fighting the good fight in messaging abuse. For me personally it has created an expanded ‘work family’ that I value highly.

M3 is the place where I talk to people across the messaging world, in a respectful and productive way. There's no other place like it.

A home, full of people who can understand my everyday life at work.

M3AAWG is my agony aunt, my bulwark against imposter syndrome, my friends, my mentor, my source of truth, my news feed, and an avenue to meet my maker (Spamhaus... Google 😁)    Before I knew it existed we were reinventing the wheel and then constantly spinning them. Email deliverability is bang-your-head-against-a-wall hard sometimes but the community makes it doable.    I have used M3AAWG as a venue to give feedback to inbox providers and block list operators and to get advice too.    The first time I got up the courage to speak to someone (it took a while...) I realised that everyone had the same problems as me and some people were able to share advice. I never looked back!    I don't know where I'd be without you so thanks a million 🤗🇮🇪