Home Best Practices

These best practices and white papers represent the cooperative efforts of M3AAWG members to provide the industry with recommendations and background information to improve messaging security and protect users. M3AAWG best practices are updated as needed and new documents are added as they become available.

June 08, 2010

MAAWG Overview of DNS Security - Port 53 Protection

This paper briefly discusses how an DNS attack works, the impact of this threat, proposes a solution and discusses the advantages and disadvantages from a technical, business and regulatory standpoint

July 01, 2009

M3AAWG Common Best Practices for Mitigating Large Scale Bot Infections in Residential Networks

Note:  This M3AAWG best practices paper has been replaced by RFC 6561 Remediation of Bots in ISP Networks, March 2012 from the IETF.

April 01, 2009

Configuring Human Readable Delivery Status Notifications (DSN)

A discussion on improving non-deliverability status notices to better identify abuse issues

May 31, 2008

MAAWG Recommendation: Methods for Sharing Dynamic IP Address Space Information with Others

Describes four approaches to make dynamic IP addresses more easily obtainable by mailbox providers with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each

October 01, 2007

Abuse Desk Common Practices

A summary of the most effective abuse desk best practices from MAAWG service providers