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The keynote speakers invited to present at M3AAWG meetings are industry and public policy leaders with thought-provoking perspectives that often transform the online community.  Below are a few  presentations on important issues that were filmed during recent meetings.  Additional videos are also available on this website in the Training section and there is a large assortment of videos covering emerging issues, messaging, malware and mobile topics, presentations by experts and industry updates on the M3AAWG YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/maawg.  To view the videos below in a larger format, play the video then select the full-screen icon on the right of the control bar or click on the YouTube option. Hit Escape to return to this page from the full-screen video.

Feb 2015

Facebook CSO: A New Model for Threat Sharing

Joe Sullivan, Facebook Chief Security Officer, explains how the company is getting involved in sharing threat information and what their vision of a more open and connected security community looks like in this keynote presentation at the February 2015 M3AAWG 33 General Meeting in San Francisco. 

Oct 2014

Dan Geer: Shared Risk and What to Do about It

Security analyst Dr. Dan Geer offers his insightful perspective on 10 major issues facing the IT industry today – from mandatory breach reporting and net neutrality to the the right to be forgotten and the feasibility of Internet voting.

Oct 2014

Brian Snow: Cyber Security is a Mess-Is There a Way Out?

A mathematician and computer security expert, Brian D. Snow draws from his decades of experience at the U.S. National Security Agency to offer advice on developing more secure products and networks.

Oct 2014

Q&A with Dan Geer and Brian Snow

After the two renowned computer security experts presented separate keynotes, they sat down together to answer participants' questions in an insightful dialogue on what the industry should bear in mind to better protect users as the digital future unfolds.

Feb 2014

Lavabit Owner/Operator Ladar Levison's M3AAWG 2014 Keynote

Edward Snowden's email service provider, Ladar Levison shares his thoughts behind developing the secure email service Lavabit and his journey when he was forced to hand over its private SSL/TLS keys to the U.S. government he took the unprecedented step of closing down its service rather than be spied upon.

Jun 2013

Michael Moran, INTERPOL: Online Child Exploitation-A View from the Coalface

How much do you know about child sex abuse material on the Web and what can we do to stop it?  Michael Moran, head of Interpol's Crimes Against Children unit, provides an in depth look at societal attitudes, how abusive material flows through the Internet, and how we can fight it.