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MAAWG Membership Information

Membership Application

To complete and submit an application for your company to join M3AAWG online, click “Not a Member? Join Now” in the About M3AAWG pulldown menu. 

Your membership fee will be invoiced after your application is accepted by M3AAWG.  The MAAWG Board of Directors must review and accept all applications, which normally requires 21 business days from when we receive it.

M3AAWG Offers Three Levels of Membership:

  1. Supporter: Allows participation in working committees, attendance by multiple employees of the member company at meetings and access to the documents and resources on the members-only section of our Web site. However, there are no voting rights at this level. The cost is $4,000 for a 12-month membership.
  2. Full Member: Includes all of the benefits listed above with the addition of voting rights. Also, full members may run for election to the Board of Directors. Two full members are elected to serve on the Board every 12 months. The cost is $12,500 for 12 months.
  3. Sponsor: This level includes a seat on the M3AAWG Board of Directors. At this time, all Board positions are filled except openings for operators headquartered outside of North America. The cost is $25,000 per 12 months.

Membership Benefits:

M3AAWG members can participate in any of our three main working committees: Collaboration, Technical and Public Policy committees. We also have subcommittees on Anti-Phishing, Zombie/Botnets and Senders Best Practices and Initiatives, and other work areas. 

In M3AAWG, members work together to develop collaborative initiatives to fight spam and other forms of messaging abuse, including developing best practices for stopping abuse. This sharing of the best approaches in fighting abuse is very valuable to our members and not available in other forums. M3AAWG has published anti-phishing best practices for ISPs developed with the Anti-Phishing Working Group. The sender SIG also has developed an initial M3AAWG Senders Best Communications Practices document. The technical committee published the first best practices for mitigating bots from end-users' computers.  All of these documents have been approved by the members in committee meetings then reviewed by the M3AAWG Board for final approval.

Members also evaluate technical initiatives for stopping abuse and share information regarding deployments of new technologies. M3AAWG Senior Technical Advisors, highly-respected experts chosen for their skills and industry proficiency, assist the committees and present new ideas. This "gratis technical consulting" has been very valuable to our members.

Although M3AAWG does not lobby on government public policy issues, the Public Policy committee is very active in sharing information with government organizations. For example, M3AAWG jointly developed with other companies the anti-spam best practices for the OECD. M3AAWG also is a member of the LAP (London Action Plan) and the StopSpamAlliance. The members in this committee develop the facts and information required for liaison with other public policy organizations.

Member Eligibility Criteria:

An applicant is eligible to become a member of M3AAWG if such applicant meets the following criteria:(1) the applicant is an association, partnership, organization, governmental agency, company, corporation, academic entity, or non-profit entity, or solely with respect to joining as a Supporting Member, an individual, (2) the applicant has demonstrated a willingness to further and contribute in good faith to the advancement of the objectives of M3AAWG, (3) the applicant generally shares the business and industry goals of M3AAWG.

A membership in M3AAWG has a twelve-month term. Each member’s membership will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors of M3AAWG on such member’s membership anniversary date. Prior to admission of any applicant as a Member of M3AAWG or any renewal of membership in M3AAWG, the Board will determine whether the membership eligibility criteria have been met by considering, among other factors, the following: (1) the nature of the applicant’s business; (2) the history of the applicant’s involvement in the industry; and, (3) the potential for the applicant to contribute positively to M3AAWG. In addition, the Board will consider whether the member under review for membership renewal has complied with all of the terms and conditions of M3AAWG’s governing documents, including Bylaws, Membership Agreement, and such rules and policies as the Board may adopt from time-to-time. The Board also will consider whether the member has made timely payment of all applicable financial obligations. In summary, a membership shall be approved or renewed for another year at the sole discretion of the Board based upon the above and any other criteria the Board deems relevant.

More details on eligibility can be found in M3AAWG’s Member Eligibility Criteria available for download by clicking “Not a Member? Join Now” in the About M3AAWG pull down menu and then clicking on “M3AAWG Governing Documents.”

M3AAWG Meetings:

Each year, M3AAWG organizes three M3AAWG General Members-Only Meetings. Many of the presentations from these meetings are available on our members-only Web site after the event. 

Information on our current meeting and future meeting dates and locations are listed in our  Upcoming Meetings page.

Other Questions?

Our 2008 M3AAWG Report to the Membership provides more details on M3AAWG activities and objectives.

If you have additional questions regarding membership, please send them to us through our online contact form. We look forward to working with you in making the industry more secure and improving our users' online experience.