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Note:  There will not be a dedicated VTA track at the M3AAWG 46th General Meeting in Budapest, Hungry in June 2019.


If you are a M3AAWG member participating in the M3AAWG General Meeting that is being held the same week, please reserve your place at the workshop through the M3AAWG General Meeting registration page when it is available.  Others, including M3AAWG members not attending the General Meeting and industry professionals who are not members, need to complete this form.

If you have  registered only for the VTA workshop/mobile track, you can pick up your VTA/Mobile Track-only badge after 1:00 p.m. on the Wednesday before the VTA workshop. If you would like to attend meeting days or other sessions of the M3AAWG General Meeting beyond the VTA workshop/moible track, please contact the M3AAWG Executive Director at jerry.upton@m3aawg.org.


Our goal is to achieve full participant engagement and produce actionable outcomes from this meeting that will reduce voice, telephony and mobile abuse. To reach this goal, we need your help and expertise to shed light on areas of this problem that we may not have identified. Please complete the form below to request to attend the workshop and to indicate areas that need to be addressed going forward.

Both M3AAWG members and other participants must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*).  Applicants will be vetted, approved and emailed a registration link and code.

If you are a M3AAWG member, you do not need to complete this request. Please login and register for the General Meeting when registration is available.