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Create a Checklist

Print the agenda, schedule sessions into your calendar as if you were physically attending the event, prepare snacks and water for longer sessions, have a notepad and pen on hand to jot down useful information, and keep earphones/earbuds nearby to help avoid distractions.  

Be Professional 

Create a virtual branded background and/or professional headshot for webinars. This helps your face and company become more memorable during virtual networking events. Most importantly, SILENCE YOUR CELL PHONE. Notifications can be distracting during a webinar- you wouldn’t take your phone into your company’s meeting, would you?

Check your Tech

Make sure your equipment supports the quality of the webinar platform you will be using and make note of the technical specifications of your virtual platform for their enhanced viewing experience. Make sure you know who to reach out to for technical support, in case of unforeseen complications throughout the webinar. Place your audio and video to the preferred setting (on or off), if it is not done so automatically. Rule of thumb, if you aren’t speaking or presenting, your microphone should be off.

Eliminate Distractions

Close extra tabs, such as Facebook, email or other news articles and shopping sites. You get what you put in! The more attention placed into the content of our webinars, the more you will get out of it! Make sure you are in a secluded room and place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, so that family and friends know that you are working.


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Provide Feedback

We are always working on improving our sessions and appreciate your feedback. Your feedback will help enhance your future viewing experiences and help us provide you with content that you want to see!



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