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M3AAWG Committees are responsible for developing best practices and other work to fight online abuse.


  • Abuse Desk Co-Chairs Mickey Chandler (ExactTarget); Wendy Rothschell (Comcast); Vice Chairs Jessica Kaplan (SharpSpring); Terran Williams (Cox); Joshua Tannehill (Lumen)
  • Abusive Material Takedown Committee Co-Chairs Bill Wilson (M3AAWG Senior Privacy Advisor); Dennis Dayman (Maropost)
  • Academic Committee Co-Chairs  Carel (Spamhaus)
  • Awards Committee Co-Chairs John Levine (M3AAWG Senior Technical Advisor); Tom Bartel (Valitidy); Jacinta Tobin (Proofpoint)
  • Brand SIG Co-Chairs Alice Cornell (Change.org); Russell Derrick (TD Bank); Vice Chair Melinda Plemel (Shopify)
  • Champions Co-Chairs  Bill Wilson (M3AAWG Senior Privacy Advisor); Jakub Olexa (MailKit)
  • Data and Indentity Protection Co-Chairs Alex Brotman (Comcast); Janet Jones (Microsoft); Anders Berggren (Halon)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chairs Janet Jones (Microsoft); Angela Knox (ProofPoint); Madeline McCaffrey (Valimail)
  • DDoS SIG Co-Chairs Rich Compton (Charter);Vice Chairs Craig Pratt (Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.); Chris Sibley (COX)
  • Dynamic Email Security SIG Chair J. Trent Adams (Proofpoint); Vice Chair Marcel Becker (Verizon Media)
  • M3AAWG Guides Co-Chairs Jaren Angerbauer (ProofPoint); Tim Moore (250ok); Udeme Ukutt (LinkedIn); Jakub Olexa (MailKit)
  • Hosting Committee Co-Chairs Sarah N. (GoDaddy); Jennifer Conway (GoDaddy)
  • Internet of Things SIG Co-Chairs Brian Scriber (Cable Labs); Jesse Sowell (Texas A&M ); Vice Chair Ash Wilson (ValiMail)
  • M3AAWG Open Round Tables Co-Chair Quintin Zuber (SendGrid, Inc.)
  • Names & Numbers Committee Co-Chairs Carlos Alvarez (ICANN); Carel (Spamhaus); Vice Chairs Leslie Nobile (Arin); Yon Kim (Verisign)
  • Program Committee Co-Chair Dennis Dayman (Maropost); Alex Brotman (Comcast); Bobby Bennett (Rackspace); Amanda DeLuke (Higher Logic, LLC)
  • Public Policy Committee Co-Chairs Frank Ackerman (M3AAWG Public Policy Advisor); Bill Wilson (M3AAWG Senior Privacy Advisor); Dennis Dayman (Maropost); Vice Chair Mathias Ullrich; Rudy Brioche (Comcast)
  • Senders Committee Co-Chairs Justin Frechette (iContact) ; Matthew Grove (MailChimp); Tara Natanson (Constant Contact); Brad Gurley (MessageGears); Vice Chairs Cynthia Johnson (Proofpoint); Jon Marburger (Sharpsprings); Lauren Meyer (Kickbox)
  • Technical Committee Co-Chairs Seth Blank (ValiMail); Sharon Kent (Comcast); Vice-Chair: Jennifer Nespola Lantz (Kickbox)
    The Technical Committee area co-chairs are:

    • Messaging -James Hoddinott (Proofpoint); Todd Herr (ValiMail)
    • Malware - Dan Shain (Capital One) 
    • Mobile -  Alex Bobotek (AT&T); Eric George (Phish Labs); Sethu Bendi (Verizon Wireless)
    • Political Text Messaging - Brad Blanken (Bandwidth)
  • Training Committee Co-Chairs Shannon Donohue (EZ Texting); Lindani Hilabangana (Groupon); Udeme Ukutt (LinkedIn); Vice Chair: Matt Vernhout (CAUCE)