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We have a saying in M3AAWG:  What goes on at M3AAWG, stays in M3AAWG.  Anyone who has attended one of our meetings knows that we work hard to create an environment of respect and confidentiality.  We see our organization as a forum where the anti-abuse industry can come together to address both current and evolving issues in a candid, productive dialogue. 

Yet, much of what we do in M3AAWG is also publicly accessible.  We make our technological expertise widely available to the industry in the commentary we provide on government and public policy initiatives. We partner and participate in other industry organizations, such as the U.S. FCC’s CSRIC, where many of our members were deeply involved in creating the first voluntary code for ISPs, the Anti-Bot Code of Conduct for Internet Service Providers (ABCs for ISPs). We contribute to global best practices and support anti-abuse efforts worldwide, such as a major presentation on bot issues M3AAWG Chairman Michael O’Reirdan made to the Organisation for Economic Co-operative Development (OECD) in 2011, with a second presentation by M3AAWG members this week with Andre Leduc, Industry Canada's manager, national anti-spam coordinating body. 

We host meetings with international organizations; for example, with the London Action Plan (LAP) and the GSMA Security Group.  We also produce training videos on front-line messaging topics to help industry professionals stay current on emerging security technology. 

As it turns out, this balancing act of straddling the two worlds of confidential dialogue while also sharing our expertise with the industry and public policy advisors has something in common with a familiar networking security strategy, the DMZ.  In a DMZ configuration, a computer situated on the public side of a firewall is used as a clearinghouse to intercept traffic and broker requests between the private LAN behind the firewall and the very public Internet.   

So much like a network DMZ, we have created the DM3Z blog you are now reading. The Disabuse Messaging, Malware and Mobile Zone is our open sector between M3AAWG private and public data points.  We will use this space to share news, commentary and updates from our organization and provide a voice to the industry experts who are our members.

Welcome!  Our intention is that you will find the information here both valuable and thought-provoking.

By Jerry Upton, M3AAWG Executive Director


The views expressed in DM3Z are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect M3AAWG policy.