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M3AAWG has a long history of featuring diverse keynotes as part of its members-only meetings, with speakers ranging from noted cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs to General David B. Warner of the U.S. Air Force Space Command (AFSC) to Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, among others.

At the M3AAWG 30th General Meeting in San Francisco last February, members got to hear from another interesting individual, Mr. Ladar Levison. Mr. Levison was the owner/operator of a smaller, privacy-focused email service that was known as Lavabit.  You may never have heard of Lavabit, but it was an encrypted email service used by over 400,000 users, including Edward Snowden, the highly publicized NSA whistleblower.   

Mr. Levinson's keynote address tells the story of what happened to him and Lavabit when the government wanted access to one of Lavabit's customer's email at virtually any cost – including the privacy and security of over 400,000 other users of that service. It is a story that's well worth hearing, regardless of how you may feel about Edward Snowden's own disclosures.   

While many M3AAWG keynotes are limited solely to members, given public interest in all things related to Edward Snowden, M3AAWG is making the video of Mr. Levison's remarks generally available, with his permission. Please see:   

Lavabit Owner/Operator Ladar Levison's M3AAWG 2014 Keynote or


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