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The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) supports the use of effective, end-to-end encryption. Mechanisms that intentionally compromise encryption put that effectiveness at risk. Therefore M3AAWG endorses the recommendations in the recent paper "Keys Under Doormats: Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications" written by 15 noted security experts. The widely recognized authors include cryptography expert Bruce Schneier and researchers from MIT, Stanford University, Columbia University, Cambridge University, Johns Hopkins University, Microsoft Research, SRI Worldwide and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The 200 M3AAWG member organizations have come together to fight botnets, malware, spam, viruses, DoS attacks and other online exploitation.  End-to-end encryption tends to make such work more difficult.  In spite of this, we consider protection of user content and meta-data to be of paramount importance. While we understand the reasons that "exceptional access" could be useful to law enforcement, we believe that it introduces unacceptable risks and that, on balance, business and the public are far better served by keeping secure, unbreakable cryptography available and widely deployed.  We concur with the reasons in the experts' paper.

We also note that M3AAWG and its members routinely work with law enforcement in multiple countries to fight online crime and we look forward to continuing productive relationships with them.

– M3AAWG (Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group)

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