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Over the past few years, and particularly these past six months, there’s been an uptick in abused systems and abusive clients taking up residence on systems in hosting and data centers. To expedite a community effort in remediating some of these attacks, we have launched a new M3AAWG Hosting SIG with these initial activities:

Developing best practices: Hosting companies have a different business model that demands specific types of approaches, and it is critical to bring together people with expertise and up-to-date experience in the hosting business. We plan to review historical documents as a potential starting point for the discussion on a new set of best practices developed with the full participation of the sector’s stakeholders.

Working sessions at upcoming M3AAWG meetings:  We are organizing some Birds of a Feather lunch meetings during the M3AAWG General Meeting this June in Vienna and at our October meeting in Montreal.  We invite interested parties to join us as we begin discussions on the best practices document and in defining future needs. 

We are approaching this important work in true M3AAWG collaborative fashion: We recognize that some of the abuse issues the hosting community faces are similar to those that M3AAWG has addressed in the past, but we also recognize that many aspects are unique to hosters.  To be effective, we must bring hosting companies and those familiar with current hosting abuse into the discussion.

This is where you come into the equation.  We need your help in spreading the word on the new Hosting SIG to the relevant people and companies, including both M3AAWG members and others. If you have questions or are interested in learning more about the Hosting SIG, please take a minute to email our M3AAWG Executive Director Jerry Upton at jerry.upton@m3aawg.org.  We need to take direct action as a community to address these issues; the online world will be a better place for your effort.

M3AAWG members can join this new initiative at /group/hosting_sig.

Hosting SIG Co-Chairs M3AAWG Chairman Emeritus Michael O’Reirdan (Comcast) and Neil Schwartzman (CAUCE)

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