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Collaboration Committee

The goal of the M3AAWG Collaboration Committee is to make it easier for member companies to work together in reducing messaging abuse.  It often functions as an umbrella to foster cross-committee efforts and has traditionally sponsored four different kinds of projects:

  • Sharing best practices across M3AAWG member companies
  • Facilitating the sharing of anti-abuse data among member companies
  • Maintaining and enhancing the tools that allow members to communicate with each other
  • Collaborating with external industry organizations

Many M3AAWG work concepts initiate in this group, which serves as a source to bring different committees together on joint projects.  For example, it works with the MAAWG Senders SIG in producing the M3AAWG survey of consumer email security awareness, and also coordinates with the M3AAWG Public Policy Committee which is responsible for outreach to law enforcement and government agencies.