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Posted by the M3AAWG Content Manager

Dr. Matthew Dunn recently joined M3AAWG’s team of Expert Advisors. He is a serial entrepreneur and executive with wide-ranging experience. He has been a startup CEO, Fortune 1000 Senior Vice-President and CIO, Microsoft veteran, consultant, technology standards organization Executive Director, and university professor. He is also an award-winning writer, director, designer, and inventor, holding over a dozen patents in diverse fields.

The M3AAWG Expert Advisors possess high-level knowledge in a specific area of expertise and are all recognized as ‘go to’ people in the industry. These advisors provide industry-leading insight, perspectives and content for our members. Expert Advisors contribute to the success of M3AAWG through their work with our committees/SIGs and our Initiatives.


1. What made you want to join M3AAWG?

What M3AAWG does intentionally — best practices and far-sighted initiatives like the AI Committee — and the community + relationship approach to doing that work were the main attraction. Making things work is hard work; I appreciate the people who tackle it.

2. Is there a particular area in anti-abuse where M3AAWG has helped you to grow professionally?

Probably too early to make the call on that, but the early insights on changes in email authentication helped us steer some clients around potentially big issues.

3. What has been your favorite thing about M3AAWG General Meetings? 

I've only attended one (Brooklyn '23) — listening to people debate "must" and "shall" was my favorite thing. (Seriously!)

4. What's your favorite food or your signature drink/dish (the one you like to prepare for family and friends)?

Got lucky, married a chef. Whatever she makes :-)

Fun Fact:

I've been studying voice (baritone) pretty seriously for over a decade, and have never done karaoke.


If you would like to contact Dr. Dunn or other Expert Advisors, please email expertadvisors@m3aawg.org. To learn more, please visit the Expert Advisor Program Page.