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The purpose of MAAWG is to bring the messaging industry together to work collaboratively and to successfully address the various forms of messaging abuse, such as spam, viruses, denial-of-service attacks and other messaging exploitations. To accomplish this, MAAWG develops initiatives in the three areas necessary to resolve the messaging abuse problem:  industry collaboration, technology, and public policy.  MAAWG solutions emanate from these three areas: 


Here are some reasons companies are joining MAAWG:

  1. MAAWG is the only organization viewing the messaging abuse problem holistically.
    The areas of technology, industry collaboration and public policy must be tackled systematically to effectively challenge the problem. Addressing anything less will result in an incomplete solution.
  2. MAAWG is the only organization designed to address messaging abuse in both the wireline and mobile industries.
    It is vital that "messaging" be viewed more holistically and broadly than "just email." New forms of messaging, such as  SMS, MMS and PAP, are rapidly evolving in different industries.  The success of these new services is heavily dependent on their ability to reach users through different devices and different networks. The market proliferation and interaction of the variety of these messaging services is creating new avenues for abuse, a situation that must be guarded against.  Safeguarding messaging requires technical, collaborative and public policy work that stretches across both the wireline and mobile industries.
  3. MAAWG is a global organization.
    Not only does the messaging abuse problem stretch across industries, it also reaches across boundaries. Addressing a single geographic region will not solve the problem. It requires working together across geographic regions in the areas of technology, collaboration, and public policy.
  4. MAAWG has the expertise and technological depth that is much needed in an environment of SMTP re-definition.
    With many new sender authentication protocols being evaluated (e.g., RMX, DRIP, DMP, SPF and Caller ID, etc.), MAAWG has the technical depth to evaluate and assess which are the best solutions for its constituents.
  5. MAAWG is an open organization driven by its membership and the needs of the industry.
    Membership is open. Service providers, vendors and others are encouraged to join and participate in working together to effectively address the messaging abuse problem.
  6. MAAWG works with other industry organizations.
    MAAWG has developed liaisons with key organizations, such as the IETF and OMA to ensure MAAWG requirements are addressed in the development of industry protocols.