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M3AAWG Updates

  • Save the date, June 18-19, 2014, for the next M3AAWG VTA SIG hosted Voice and Telephony Anti-Abuse Workshop open to vetted industry, government and academic personnel. Information on the previous workshop held Feb. 20-21 during the M3AAWG 30th General Meeting in San Francisco. More is at  An application for non-members to attend the June workshop will be available soon.

  • M3AAWG received the EastWest Institute 2013 Cybersecurity Award at a Washington, DC luncheon in October 2013 for "its crucial role in protecting the viability of email and other messaging applications"

  • To encourage governments to implement proven anti-abuse strategies, the Best Practices to Address Online and Mobile Threats report prepared by M3AAWG and the London Action Plan was presented to the 34-member countries of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Development) for review by M3AAWG members Alex Bobotek, John Levine and Neil Schwartzman with Andre Leduc, Industry Canada, Manager, National Anti-spam Coordinating Body.