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Selected Highlights from the MAAWG 21st General Meeting

The U.S. space shuttle Endeavour launches from the Kennedy Space Center near Orlando as more than 300 MAAWG members and invited public policy advisors, academic researchers and technical experts from 12 countries head home after another productive MAAWG meeting. While most of the work against spam, bots and other messaging threats in the 39 sessions during the three days was confidential, we have summarized some of the public announcements made at the meeting here. (Shuttle photo captured by MAAWG member Margot Romary.)

Announced at MAAWG 21:

EastWest Institute Previews First China-U.S. Anti-Spam Efforts (Videos)
Consumer Protection Bureau Director Announces First Action Against Texting Spam
Incoming National Attorneys General Assoc. Shares Online Anti-Abuse Fight

Latest MAAWG Email Metrics Report Released

Videos - Preview of the EastWest Institute's China-U.S. Anti-Spam Bilateral Effort
Previewing the first joint China-United States Track 2 report on cybersecurity, EWI Chief Technology Officer Karl Frederick Rauscher and bilateral participant Richard Zhao, NSFOCUS Chief Strategy Officer and Founder, Cloud Security, Greater China Chapter, discuss the upcoming report Fighting Spam to Build Trust. The EWI joint report is currently being reviewed and is now expected to be released by the May-June 2011 timeframe.

View the presentation as low-resolution video or higher-resolution video (20 minutes)

A Short Conversation on the First China-U.S. Effort to Fight Spam (about 4 minutes)
MAAWG Chairman Michael O’Reirdan discusses the significance of the EWI China-US report with Karl Rauscher and Richard Zhao.


FTC Consumer Protection Bureau Director Announces First Federal Legal Action Against Text Spam
David Vladeck, Director of the FTC’s Consumer Protection Bureau, discussed the Commission’s first law enforcement action against unsolicited text messaging that was filed the day before the MAAWG meeting. The Commission asked a judge to shut down the texting operation of a Californian accused of issuing a “mind boggling” unsolicited 85 spam text messages per minute, every minute of every day, totaling more than 5.5 million messages in a 40-day period. Mr. Vladeck also discussed other Commission enforcement actions, rule making and how it is encouraging technological solutions to abuse in his Consumer Protection Update.

State Attorneys General Assoc. President Promotes Collaborative Efforts
Incoming NAAG President and Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna named identity theft -- with over 11 million reported cases nationally -- hacking incidents and fake check scams as some of the top trends in malicious activities against consumers. He called for programs that increase public awareness of online crime and encouraged collaborative efforts between organizations like MAAWG and government entities.

Abuse Email Continues at High Levels, Per New MAAWG Email Metrics Report #14
The July through December 2010 report from MAAWG member ISPs and ESPs previewed at the meeting indicated abusive emails continuing from 91% to 88%. The quarterly metrics from MAAWG are the only reports of abusive email issued directly from network operators.