Home Past Meeting Highlights

M3AAWG holds three meetings each year – two in North America and one in Europe – that attract influential and leading edge authorities to share their perspectives with our members.  The meetings also feature thirty to forty working sessions with rigorous dialogue leading to the development of published best practices and white papers that are used throughout the industry. 

Speakers and panelists at previous meetings have included:

  • Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan
  • Recognized security analysts Dr. Dan Geer and Brian Snow
  • Head of Interpol's Crimes Against Children unit Michael Moran
  • Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart
  • Lava Bit founder Ladar Levison
  • All Things Digital co-executive editor and producer Kara Swisher
  • One of the top cybercrime officials at the European Commission, Radomir Jansky
  • U.S. FTC Consumer Protection Bureau Director David Vladeck and incoming Association of National Attorneys General President Rob McKenna
  • David Ascher of MailCo on the development of the Thunderbird email application
  • Paul Mockapetris, the creator of DNS
  • Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, with representatives from Google and other social media, addressing online networking abuse issues
  • Jan Seedorf and Saverio Niccolini of NEC Europe, on the rising problem of Spam Over Internet Telephony (SPIT)
  • Maxim Weinstein of the Berkman Center for Internet and Security at Harvard Law School, speaking on public policy issues
  • Representatives from major European ISPs, AOL Europe, Net Cologne, Telenet.be, Orange, and Web.de
  • Bank of America, Senior Vice President, E-mail Infrastructure and Secure Messaging
  • CERT.br (Computer Emergency Response Team Brazil), General Manager
  • Electronic Commerce Branch, Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications Sector (SITT), Director General
  • Incident Responder KISA  (Korea Information Security Agency), Security Analyst
  • U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chair and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission representative to the London Action Plan and US WEB SAFE Act
  • Robert Bruen of KnujOn
  • Levi Gundert of Team Cymru