Home Events What Attendees Need to Know 2021

You must register to attend the virtual meeting.

For the M3AAWG February meeting you will be using 3 tools to attend sessions, ZOOMSCHED and Airmeet.

*The links to join the working sessions (for members only) were sent to the hosting committees mailing list or you can find them on the M3AAWG Calendar at https://www.m3aawg.org/members/call-calendar.

** For sessions during the meeting week, you will find all the links in SCHED starting the day of the meeting. You will be sent an invitation from SCHED after registering to attend the meeting.  

SCHED- the Zoom link to attend a session is listed under video stream. 

To help with the meeting, we ask you to please set your ZOOM account to your First Name, Last Name-Company name before joining sessions.

Please take a few minutes to review the information below and prepare for the meeting.

Please take some time to give us your feed back at https://www.m3aawg.org/meeting-surveys