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Technical Committee

The M3AAWG Technical Committee focuses on the technology issues most important to M3AAWG members, especially ISPs and network operators.  Subcommittees often are formed to focus on researching and documenting specific topic areas to more effectively address the wide range of interests that come before this group.

With the extensive experience of its members and the research they bring to related topics, the committee and its subcommittees produce technology focused white papers to educate the industry on concepts important to messaging security and related best practices.  M3AAWG Senior Advisors  – recognized industry experts in a variety of messaging security specialties – often work closely with the subcommittees to support these projects.  While MAAWG is not a standards body, some of this work has eventually found its way to the standards tracks of other organizations, such as the IETF.

The technical committee’s sessions at the M3AAWG General Meetings tend to be very well represented and cover a broad scope of topics.  These sessions provide a space for participatory presentations and discussion of all technical issues related to messaging abuse.  Private, committee-member-only mailing lists are used to discuss pertinent issues before the three-day M3AAWG meeting.  This maximizes the work that can be accomplished during the meetings, and the email lists and regularly scheduled conference calls are effective tools to maintain the momentum after these events.

Much of the committee’s accomplishments have been recognized for providing the industry with documented methodologies that improve online security and provide a more secure experience for end-users.  Among the educational white papers and best practice recommendations published by MAAWG that were developed in the technical committee are:

M3AAWG members can submit new topics to be considered as projects to the technical committee chairs.  New projects also often develop from informal conversations at M3AAWG meetings and in discussions with other industry organizations.