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Senders SIG

The M3AAWG Senders Special Interest Group exists to fashion best practices, hold open discussions and analyze the operational challenges faced by the consent-based bulk email sending community.  It works to promulgate M3AAWG ideals and practices among the sender community at large by defining processes to improve reliability while ensuring sender accountability and transparency. 

The M3AAWG Senders Best Communications Practices initiated by this SIG define how volume email senders can improve the reliability of legitimate e-newsletters and permission-based e-marketing.  The recommendations are one of the first collaborative efforts between network operators and volume senders worldwide.

Working with the M3AAWG Collaboration Committee, the senders SIG also was instrumental in developing the first consumer survey commissioned by M3AAWG to better understand end-users’ attitudes toward email security.  The survey results, “Why Did You Click on that Spam?” released in 2009 were well received throughout the industry.  The SIG also organizes panels and sessions at the M3AAWG General Meetings that provide an educational forum on issues related to international email, privacy and end-user habits, among other topics.  

The M3AAWG Senders SIG cooperates with other M3AAWG committees in an open and constructive dialogue on issues related to the receiver community.  It provides operational background on legislative issues, participates in the development of receiver best practices, gathers receiver-based requirements and suggestions for discussion among senders, and promotes increased participation by senders of all types in the continuing fight against spam and other messaging abuse. 

The M3AAWG Senders SIG works to:

  • Define best and emerging practices to reduce abuse
  • Improve the ability to identify or distinguish legitimate email
  • Aggregate common requirements for mail delivery into a practical operations guideline, while recognizing that the mail stream is always changing and there will always be new edge cases
  • Provide a friendly, open forum for positive discussion focused on receiver and sender relations
  • Aid other MAAWG committees on operational and technical matters
  • Work toward a more unified understanding and practice of sender/receiver habits as more and more clients expand into overseas marketing and communications
  • Promulgate MAAWG ideals, practices and conclusions within the senders community at large
  • Define processes and practices that ensure sender accountability and transparency within the industry and community as a whole